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Motiva Enterprises (1406), Norco

LDEQ Accident Report

Accident #154210
State Police #14-00933
Accident Date2014-02-27
Report Date 2014-03-06
Follow-up Date 2014-06-24
Follow-up: Yes

Pollutants Released

Pollutant Duration Point Source Greenhouse Gas Criteria Pollutant Ozone forming chemical Amount of Release
Carbon Monoxide2d 5h 30mRCCUNOYESNO636.4 pounds
1-Butene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES38.3 pounds
Carbon Dioxide2d 5h 30mRCCUYESNONOBRQ
Ethylene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES9.5 pounds
Hydrogen2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONOBRQ
n-Hexane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO0.4 pounds
Propane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES58.7 pounds
Propylene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES257.0 pounds
Isobutane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES111.2 pounds
Isobutylene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES41.0 pounds
1,3-Butadiene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES2.6 pounds
n-Butane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO26.0 pounds
Nitrogen Oxide2d 5h 30mRCCUNOYESYES117.0 pounds
Particulate Matter2d 5h 30mRCCUNOYESNO22.0 pounds
Sulfur Dioxide2d 5h 30mRCCUNOYESNO355.2 pounds
trans-2-Butene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO41.5 pounds
cis-2-Butene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO25.7 pounds
3-Methyl-1-Butene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES3.0 pounds
Isopentane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONOYES16.4 pounds
n-Pentane2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO3.9 pounds
trans-2-Pentene2d 5h 30mRCCUNONONO20.0 pounds

Accident Classified As: Below Reportable Quantity (BRQ)

Cause of Problem: Equipment Failure

On 2/27/2014, an unexpected leak occured on Motiva's Residual Catalytic Cracking Unit (RCCU) second cyclone dip leg. Due to the location of the leak, the catalyst leak cound not be safely repaired while the unit was fully operations. A partial shutdown of the RCCU was conducted to stop the leak and complete repairs. While the unit was partially shut down, flaring occured intermittently at the RCCU Elevated Flare (EPN FE201) to safely stabilize equipment that was still operational. During the start up of RCCU, untreated dry gas was flared at the GO1 Elevated Flare.

Discharge Preventable - No

This incident was not preventable as the catalyst leak from the second cyclone dip leg could not be expected.

Notes/Remedial Actions

To minimize additional unit upset and to safely repair the catalyst leak , the RCCU Unit was partially shut down in a safe manner. The catalyst leak was stopped and the second cyclone dip leg was repaired. The original report and the first follow up report included in the event description that untreated dry gas was flared at the GO1 Elevated Flare during the start-up of RCCU. This was not included in the final follow up report. Additionally, two follow up reports were sent by Motiva, the first dated 4/24/2014 to provide a 60 day follow up. In this correspondence it is stated that they will provide a second update within 60 days, as data gathering and investigation was ongoing. The final follow up report was received on 6/24/2014.